My mind’s battle

Addicted to my pain can’t differentiate my own happiness from that which hits the spot,

If i had a friend,

Only the ink would express what I feel,

Only in red would my rage reach the edge where am falling,

I only like when I love and when I love I like can’t find the piece to complete this puzzle called life,

So uncertain only if my mind could see and my eyes could think,

Why question if my body is still functioning am counting the bullets and my words are shooting if am loud by speaking the truth hope you won’t die on the battle field,just flow and let life work its self out just remember you’re responsible for your own soul and it’s all you got as a human.


When you think about it
You get shocked at it
You keep wondering what made you want to prove a point
What made you want to impress them
Maybe because you value so much of social acceptance and the joy of belonging that you stretch your arm backwards just to keep them with you
So many lies you’ve told…
So many wrongs you’ve done
Un-erase-able mistakes at least more than one.
When you try to forgive yourself…the thoughts keep haunting back in
Embarrassment keeps you locked in
Deep down you know that it isn’t like you, but when you try to justify its too late for repeats
So many risks you’d go back in time for
So many risks you wish you didn’t cater for
So many acts you shouldn’t have participated in
So many words you could have kept hidden
As painful as it is, life is a series of hills and valleys, wins and lessons, applauses and silences, learning(s) and growing(s)
Every day you get to live is another chance you get to improve. The mistakes of the past cannot be erased but inner peace comes when you reflect good will now, so that in the future your ‘now’ will become your past, which you can certainly be proud of.

Her tale

Alas they came
Lovers in white
To her, strangers,
Mysterious as night
They coaxed her with words
Wooed her with gifts
Deceived she fell
And so goes her tale

Alas they gifted her,
Jewerly in chains
Caressed her skin
In bruises and pains
They stripped her naked
And left her rugged
Troddened by pale
So goes her tale

Alas the sat
Hands up her skirt
To her face smiling
While robbing her right
Her pride stolen
Her worth taken
Auctioned for sale
So goes her tale

Alas no more
No laments, no monodies
No more sorrows
No more kumbayas
Wiping off her tears
And in deep dents locked away her fears
Rising never to fall
And wrote the tale of her call.

I Am

I Am The Wind
That Cripples Through
Your Clothes
And Greets Your Smile
I Am The Rain
That Washes Away
Your Tears
And Floods Your
Cup Of Joy
I Am The Light
That Scares Your Fears
And Drives Away
Your Doubts
I Am The Moon
Aloof Shining 
In The Dark 
Of Your Night
So Why Do You
Cry, Mourn, And Weep
For I Am Not Gone
I Am Not Asleep
Why Do You
Despair And Are Distressed
For I Am With You
In Every Breath
You Take
For I Am You
I Am Your Flesh,
Bone, And Blood
I Am The Voice
Loud In Your Head
I Am Before You
Speaking This Word
I Am Alive
Living On In You
In Every Memory,
The Joy, Jokes, And Jests
The Frowns, Fights, And Feasts
The Sores, Sorrows, And Successes
The Life, Laughs, And Love
In Every Day, Hour, And Second
So Do Not Wallow
In A Pool Of Tears
Stuck And Unmoving
But As A River Flow
Move On
Live On
For I Am Alive In You
I Am You And You are Me.


Her Voice,
Heavenly Angelic
A Testament To Beauty
Beyond Looks
Like Music
The Sight Of Her,
Divinely Designed 
A Single Glimpse
Like A Piece Of Heaven
In My Hand
Her Eyes,
Certainly Celestial
Galactic Painted
Stars In Constellation
And I,
A Slave At Her Feet
Enslaved To Her Beauty
I Choked,
Beneath Waves Of Maybe
I Drowned,
Friends Today
And Maybe Someday
A Little More
One Of Those Guys
In This Moment
But Maybe One Day
Her Lover, Her Soulmate
Maybe, Maybe
And The Toxins In My Veins
Naive And Unaware
And The Venom In Blood
I Was In Love, I Said
But Love Too Isn’t That Blind
I Was Intoxicated.

The lone star dies

Unnoticed By Many
The Lone Star Dimly Shines
In The Vast Expanse Lonely
Drifting Many A Years
And While On Goes Our Lives
No One Knows
When The Lone Star Dies

Slowly, Faintly Dwindling Out
In A Corner Afar And Dark
Unseen Goes The Fading Light
Till All Is None But Black
And While On Goes Our Lives
No One Knows
When The Lone Star Dies

No Mourners Mourn Or Weep
Nor A Ballad For Her Sung
No Wreaths Lay’d In Her Sleep
Nor A Stone On Her Grave Hung
For While Goes On Our Lives
No One Knows
When The Lone Star Dies

But While I Lie Peering
In The Dark Sky Of Night
My Eyes Cant Help Tearing
For Shines Not My Sky’s Light
For While We All Our Lives Lead
Certainly Never Noticed
When The Lone Star Died.

Me and her:the first time

Me and her: The first time I saw her,
Eyes holding galaxies 
A hub of constellations.
Her hair fell so gracefully,
The Victoria, seemed a joke. 
If ever heaven and earth birthed, 
Her smile certainly was their first.

The first time I spoke to her,
I felt my guts melting. 
Every nerve wrecked,
My knees trembled and shaked,
Lost of words, robbed of voice.
Speechless I stood and stared,
I was so into her, like DNA.

Suddenly I had the gall
To approach her,
Took the stance 
And spilled the beans.
After a couple of tries,
Sealed the deal.
So the first time wasn’t as planned.
But eventually, all fell into place.

Me and her, her and me,
Had it all sunshine.
Never stormy and chaotic,
Never raging fire, 
Or frost bitten ice.
Just waiting for the first time,
For it all to blow up in smoke.

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